Tips for Making Roses Last Longer

Tips for Making Roses Last Longer

Roses are personal and romantic, and when in full bloom, they can brighten and fill your home with sweetness! So why not make their gorgeous color and aroma last even longer? After receiving the freshest roses from Grace Rose Farms, I knew I had to share tips for making roses last longer. To see more of Grace Rose’s beautiful heirloom roses, check out their website or Instagram @gracerosefarm. If you decide to place an order of your own, you can use code Lo20 for 20% off! And to find more tips for making roses last longer, keep reading!


Prune any leaves below the water line
Tips for Making Roses Last Longer

You don’t want any of the leaves to be submerged in the water, as this will cause the flowers to decay faster. Pull off any leaves that will fall below your water line to keep them fresh as long as possible. Bonus tip: change the water every day for even more longevity.

Top the water with ice cubes

I learned the ice cube trick when I was shooting this post. The venue owner saw the flowers and came back carrying a huge bucket of ice! We watched as she carefully poured ice into each vase and explained that the ice cold water will slow down any bacteria or mold growth which helps the roses to last even longer!

Cut stems at 45 degree angle every day

If you can trim just the tinniest bit off the stem each day it will allow the petal to receive maximum hydration. Even if you can’t trim every day, aim for a few times a week to keep them as fresh as possible (I change the water each time I trim).

Keep out of direct sunlight
Tips for Making Roses Last Longer

After all your hard work pruning, trimming, and icing you want to be sure to place your arrangement in a spot where it can thrive. Avoid placing it in a stream of direct sunlight, as it will get too hot and the petals will wilt faster. A well lit room is preferred, but look for a spot that doesn’t receive direct sunlight.

If you follow these steps, your roses are sure to last! I follow these simple tips and it seems like my roses last forever. To see more roses from Grace Rose Rose Farms, visit their website (I love that you can shop by color!) or their Instagram @gracerosefarm. If you order, be sure to use code Lo20 for 20% off!

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Want more floral inspo? Check out this blog post on their garden roses! I hope you enjoyed these tips for making roses last longer. Do you know of any other tip? Let me know in the comments below or over on my instagram @lo_chandler.  

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