Everything You Need to Know About Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Everything You Need to Know About Hand Tied Hair Extensions

I recently got hand tied hair extensions and thought I would share everything I learned! The process was so easy and answered a lot of my questions. I walked out the salon with fuller, natural looking hair and feeling satisfied with my decision to get hand tied hair extensions. I went to Tribe Hair Company in Athens, GA (if you’re local, check them out!) and worked with Jessica. You can see more of Jessica’s work on her Instagram @jessicawagnerhair and learn everything you need to know about hand tied hair extensions below!

Before & After

I didn’t want to add a ton of length, but instead wanted FULL and voluminous hair. I also wanted it a little blonder for the summer so she added a few wefts of hair that were lighter than my natural shade to look like highlights (you could also do the opposite and have darker wefts for low lights).


Step 1 – Lay the foundation by clamping in beads

She created a row of mini ponytails as a foundation and clamped on a bead on each one.

Step 2 – Sew in the hair

She used small clips to hold the hair weft in place while she “sewed” it into the section of small ponytails. We repeated these first two steps so I have two rows of extensions.

Step 3 – Color, highlight, tone, wash, blow dry

Once all the extensions are sewn in she will highlight, color, tone etc. This will ensure your hair color blends in seamlessly with the extensions. It’s 100% human hair so it can be colored and cut just like your regular hair.

Step 4 – Trim and blend

This step is when it really starts to feel like your own. She trimmed off 1-2 inches on mine and added layers all throughout to really blend everything together.

Step 5 – Style
Everything You Need to Know About Hand Tied Hair Extensions

I absolutely love how it turned out!


Do they damage your hair?

The hand tied method does not damage the hair because this method distributes the weight evenly on the head (all of those little ponytails) so there’s not any unnecessary pulling in one spot. The extensions lay over your hair so they can actually protect your hair from heat from styling tools.

How do they wash?

It’s real human hair so you wash & dry just like normal!

Are they hot in the summer?

Adding extra hair will always be hotter if you wear it all down, but I love throwing it in a low pony or fun side braid to keep it off my neck if I’ll be outside in the sun.

Is the upkeep hard?

Every 8 weeks is the number to remember. After the first 8 weeks you’ll come in for a bead slide (they move the hair thats grown out back up to your scalp) and 8 weeks after that you’ll go in for a complete removal and re-instal. Jessica recommends replacing the hair every 9 months.

Can you wear in a tight ponytail?

You *can* but it’s not recommended every day. You don’t want a lot of extra tension on hair so a loose braid or claw clip is best for keeping it out of your face.

How long does it take to get them in?

2 hours is a typical instal time. Add extra time if you’re coloring or highlighting at the same appointment.

Does it hurt?

The instal in painless, but you may feel some tenderness the evening of your instal (if you’re tender headed she recommends taking Advil the night of). The hair does add some weight to your head but you usually don’t notice it after 24 hours. I never experienced any pain, but mine actually felt itchy for the first few days (I think because the ponytails were so tight) but after a few days it loosened up and I couldn’t feet anything.

Where is the hair sourced?

Every salon will order hair from their preferred company, Tribe uses hair from a company called Covet and Mane.

How do they look straightened?

I love it straight! This was immediately after my trim before we styled. It looks even better after I blow dry it all with a round brush after washing!

How much does this cost?

There is a HUGE range based on the length of hair you want, how many rows, quality of the hair, the experience of your stylist, etc. It could range anywhere from $500 all the way to a few thousand. It’s best to go in for a consultation to see exactly what would be best for your hair and they can give you an exact price.

Watch the instal :

To see my entire process of getting hand tied hair extensions, check out my highlight called “extensions” on my Instagram stories on @lo_chandler! I want to thank Tribe Hair Company for allowing me to share this incredible experience and teaching me everything about hand tied hair extensions. Again, check out Jessica’s Instagram @jessicawagnerhair and also Tribe’s Instagram more hair tips and inspo.

Want to go in to Tribe for a consultation? You can book that on their website.

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Will you try hand tied hair extensions at your next hair appointment? Let me know in the comments!

Xo -Lo

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