Personalized Keepsake Ornament

Personalized Keepsake Ornament

Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun and sentimental tradition many families follow. As ornaments are hung, you reminisce on past Christmases and seem to remember how each ornament ended up on your tree. This year, I wanted to add a personal touch to my daughter’s Christmas tree so I made this personalized keepsake ornament that will be cherished for years to come. Keep reading to learn how you can add a piece of your family to your tree this year!

Personalized Keepsake Ornament

what you need:

Birth announcement, wedding invitation, or any invitation, thank you, save the date, etc.

Clear ornament that can be filled

Decorative ribbon


Pen or pencil

Optional: colored crinkled paper or other festive filler

What to do:

Start by cutting your chosen card into thin strips. Because this was for my daughter’s Christmas tree, I chose her birth announcement.

Personalized Keepsake Ornament

You will then twist your strips around a pen or pencil to curl them. During this step, you could also curl different colored paper to add another dimension to the ornament. Be careful not to make the ornament too heavy.

Next, you will fill the ornament with your card strips and any additional paper. I bought pre-crinkled paper in different shades of pink to match her room.

Personalized Keepsake Ornament

You will then seal the ornament and add a ribbon as the hook. Feel free to use whatever ribbon you like but make sure it is strong enough to support the ornament.

Personalized Keepsake Ornament

The finishing touch is to hang on the tree! This personalized keepsake ornament is a great way to spend a November or December afternoon with your family and also works as a perfect gift for close friends and family.

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Want to see this in action? Check out this reel for a step-by-step video.

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Xo -Lo

Personalized Keepsake Ornament

photographs by Repurposed Photography

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