Hocus Pocus Party Ideas

Hocus Pocus Party Ideas

Tis time! Throwing a themed party is one of my favorite past times, especially once October comes and we enter the holiday season. With the recent release of the second Hocus Pocus movie, I decided to throw a watch party based on the original film. It was so fun and made for fun conversations so I decided to share my Hocus Pocus party ideas with you! Below you will find links to decor, food, and fun drink recipes.


For the menu, I chose foods that could easily become on theme. Candy apples turned into poison apples, deviled eggs to deviled webs, and pigs in a blanket became dead mans toes. The Book brownies were another crowd favorite.

Hocus Pocus Party Ideas

This cheese board was the centerpiece of my Hocus Pocus spread. I worked with Grazefully Curated and she did an amazing job capturing exactly what I was looking for! If you’re local to the Atlanta, Athens, or surrounding areas, check out her Instagram @grazefullycurated for your next party or event!

Hocus Pocus Party Ideas

These mini cauldrons filled with grapes looked great visually and held the perfect amount. Alongside the cheese board, I served crackers with macarons and other fall cookies I picked up from Trader Joe’s. I also made witches brooms with string cheese and pretzels, and used Twizzlers for my lucky rats tail.


For the adults I made a “Sanderson Sangria” by mixing red wine, spindrift, and lots of fresh citrus. For the kids I made a punch of green sherbet ice cream and sprite, it was a huge hit! I added food safe dry ice at the beginning for a spooky effect! (be cautious when using dry ice and make sure it’s food safe!)


I could not have been more pleased with how the balloon arch and stairway turned out! I used @darlinggarlands on Instagram, who I also used for my daughter’s birthday party over the summer. You can see what she did here, and if you’re local to Athens, @darlingarlands will come set everything up the night before or day of your event.


Hocus Pocus Party Ideas

These customized cookies added just the right amount of personal touch to my party spread. I worked with JulieBean’s Bake Shop and the cookies turned out perfectly! Check out their Instagram @juliebeansbakeshop and you can see the adorable cookies she made for my daughter’s birthday here.


Halloween is this month and throwing a Hocus Pocus party is what your October needs. Make it a costume party and dress as your favorite Sanderson sister! I can’t wait to see everyone’s take on these Hocus Pocus party ideas on Instagram – tag me @lo_chandler and comment  below what you’re most excited for this Halloween!

Thanks for reading!

Xo -Lo

photos by Janna Leigh Baker photography

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