14 Winter Date Night Ideas

After a long holiday season, it’s probably time for your and your significant other to plan a much needed date night. Some of these 14 winter date night ideas are creative and unique while some are more traditional and popular (for good reason!). Keep reading to find your next date night this winter!

14 Winter Date Night Ideas

I’ve picked 5 of my go to winter date nights below!

go see a play

Seeing a play, ballet, or any sort of theatre show is always so romantic and intimate. It’s a great way to get out on the weekends and do something a lot of people don’t do often. Seeing a play is a great reminder to try new or different things with your partner!

couple’s this or that

You might be asking, “What is a couple’s this or that?”, and I’ll tell you! For this date, a couple will take part in four rounds: dress up or down, dinner, dessert, and an activity. Person A will make two options for two of the rounds and Person B will make options for the two remaining rounds. Write down your options and the other person will pick one without knowing.

Disclaimer: whatever is chosen must be what you do! So your night could look like dressing up for a fast food dinner topped off with a game of bowling. This date is so fun and something new to try if you’re bored of the same date nights every time.

cook each others favorite meal

This is a more thoughtful and personal date night. Cooking a meal for someone is already a sign of care but making someone’s favorite home cooked meal is on another level!

local sip & paint

If you want to have a lowkey afternoon or night out, try a sip and paint class! Not only will you be sipping the whole time, but you’ll come home with a painting from both you and your partner.

homemade pizza night

Trying new recipes with each other is great for quality time and creating something together is always a great feeling! You can go as intense or beginner as you want with this date idea meaning you could make pizza dough and sauce from scratch, buy everything, or a mix between both.

Any of these 14 winter date night ideas will be a good way to spend time with your significant other this season. Comment below which is your favorite or which you’re most excited about trying!

14 Winter Date Night Ideas

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