Best 15 Ways to Organize Christmas Decor

Taking down Christmas can be overwhelming and disorganized so I’m sharing the best 15 ways to organize Christmas decor this year! These organizational and storage products are efficient, durable, and sure to keep your lights untangled and your most precious ornaments safe. Keep reading for these 15 products that will change how you organize and store your Christmas decor!

Best 15 Ways to Organize Christmas Decor

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Ornaments, figurines, & Fine china

Everyone has ornaments, figurines, Christmas China, and other decor that is fragile and often has great memories attached! I found 7 amazing soft storage containers with dividers and easy to carry handles. I also found an entire fine China storage set with labels.

Shop ornament/fragile storage:


Below I’ve linked 3 products for storing your Christmas greenery. The solid wreath bags come in 24 in., 30 in., and 36 in. and both bags linked can also be used for garland. The tree bag is high quality and will be much easier to store and carry than the cardboard box it came in!

shop greenery storage:

soft goods

Want to make sure your holiday pillows, blankets, tree skirts, and other soft goods stay clean and organized throughout the year? I found a set of air tight containers made for soft goods! You can even see what’s inside so you don’t have search through every storage container to find a table cloth or set of Christmas dish towels.

shop soft goods storage:


You have to try these light organizers and storage containers! Not only will they keep everything untangled but will make next year’s set up so easy to put up. These are definitely worth investing in!

shop light storage:

wrapping station

Don’t know how to pack up this year’s wrapping station? No worries because I found two great storage organizers that will fit all of your paper, bows, ribbon, tissue paper, tape, tags, and everything else in one container!

Shop Wrapping station storage:

These 15 products will seriously change how you organize and store your Christmas decor, and you will thank yourself next year when it’s time for everything to go back up! If you want more organization tips, please make sure to check out how to organize your kitchen in 2023 and comment below what you think of the best 15 ways to organize Christmas decor!

Best 15 Ways to Organize Christmas Decor

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Thanks for reading and have a happy new year!

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