Wellness Themed Gifts

wellness themed gifts

I’ve been getting a lot of questions this season about what to gift your friend or family member who is into health & wellness.  I rounded up my top 10 gift ideas for the most granola person on your list 🙂 

  1. Herb Garden Kit-  This unique windowsill herb growing kit is perfect for the friend who loves to cook!  The pots are small enough to fit on a kitchen windowsill for easy access while preparing a meal.  It includes full size seed packets of Heirloom Basil, Rosemary, Chives, Parsley, Cilantro, Lavender, Oregano, Dill, Sage, and Thyme seeds (all non-GMO).
  2. Essential oils diffuser–  I want one in every room!  I diffuse lavender in bedrooms, peppermint in my office and lemon in my kitchen.   You can also add a few basic essential oils to get them started! 
  3. Clean Lip Gloss  BeautyCounter has some of the highest standards in the industry so you can feel good about gifting safer products.  This lip gloss vault comes in a box so stunning you don’t even have to wrap it!  I decided to break mine up and give as multiple gifts.  A gloss or two paired with a coffee mug or a Starbucks gift card make for great teacher gifts or stocking stuffers!
  4. Glass Straws-  I’m sure by now you’ve all heard the buzz around plastic straws! These are reusable, BPA free, and better for the environment (and the sea turtles 🙂  ) Perfect size for a stocking stuffer! 
  5. Infusion Water Bottle  I was gifted this exact one a few years ago and I love it!  It’s the perfect small gift for a friend or gift exchange, and makes the cutest stocking stuffer!  You can read my favorite infused water recipes here.  
  6. Cookbook-   This Gwyneth Paltrow book is on my wish list this year!   Her recipes focus on delicious flavors and clean ingredients that any foodie would appreciate! 
  7.  Ullo Do you ever get a headache after drinking wine?  There’s a good chance the sulfites are to blame.  This unique aerator purifies wine by removing sulfites and sediment (think of it like a super strength coffee filter for your wine).  It’s an unexpected gift for the person who has everything and is a great conversation starter at parties!! 
  8. Salt lamp-I have one next to my desk, as they are known to help neutralize the effects of electronics and purify the air.  This little desk lamp is the perfect size to keep at the office and is plugged in with a USB cord! 
  9. Spiralizer-  This is a GAME. CHANGER. for anyone trying to cut down on carbs or incorporate more veggies into their diet.  My husband actually prefers zucchini noodles instead of traditional pasta! This one also has 8 blades and can make things like chips, coleslaw, and curly fries! 
  10. Ice Roller- number 10 on the list but number 1 in my heart!! If you follow me on Instagram (@lo_chandler) you know I use this ice roller religiously every single morning.  It helps de-puff under eyes, reduces inflammation and helps with lymphatic drainage.  It’s an absolute necessity for a morning after some holiday libations.  Everyone needs this- you, your mother-in-law, your cousin, your husband..best $10 you’ll ever spend!!  

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