SUMMER 2021 – Non-toxic Skincare Routine

Morning Routine

VITAMIN C SERUM – vitC + tumeric cocktail helps to brighten your skin and helps provide sun protection when applied before SPF

TINTED MOISTURIZER – for everyday use underneath makeup or wear alone. SPF20 helps protect your sking from the sun and the sheer tint helps to even out skin tone if you want to go makeup free for the day

JADE ROLLER – I use after I apply serum to push it into my skin. Pro tip – store in the fridge for extra spa-like feeling when using

ICE ROLLER – not pictured but I use this ice roller all the time! I use first thing in the morning before makeup. It helps reduce puffiness and inflammation and helps with lymphatic drainage

Nighttime Routine

FACE WASH – I know this sounds weird, but yes, I am using baby wash for my face wash! It works better than anything I’ve tried and it completely removes my makeup without drying out my skin. It’s fragrance free and EWG verified. Plus the bottle is huge and will last forever, I cannot recommend enough.

SERUM – this is a MUST for dry skin! Apply after you wash your face (before moisturizer). It visibly increases skin firmness and elasticity, while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Formulated with Retinatural Complex (safter alternative to retinol) it helps enhance the skin’s moisture barrier function to increase hydration.

MOISTURIZER – daily moisturizer thats EWG verified! Can be used for all skin types, apply after serum but before any oils.


BODY WASH – here she is again!! Since your skin absorbs some of what you put on it, it was so important to me that I found the most natural possible body wash since it was going to be using it all over. This EWG verified wash is also what I use for my body wash AND shaving cream!! Do your legs ever get itchy after you finish shaving? The added fragrance in your body wash and shaving cream could be the culprit. I started using this and haven’t had that problem since!

FACE SCRUBBER – I love this little silicone brush for exfoliating. I use about 2-3 times a week

Summer Essentials

SUNSCREEN – sunscreens are notorious for being FULL of nasty chemicals. This one is safely made from non-nano zinc oxide and doesn’t contain Oxybenzone or Octinoxate. This exact one is designed for the face but I use this one for body. Bonus – it’s Reef-friendly!

FACE MIST – I love this for a refresh throughout the day, especially in this summer heat! I keep in my purse to take with me to use on the go


BRIGHTENING PEEL PADS – (disclaimer- I would not use these while pregnant or BF) These multi acid pads help to brighten + even out skin tone and deep clean pores. It definitely tingles as it works, start out slow and do a LIGHT pass over your face (don’t scrub). I use once a week.

MICRODERMABRASION SCRUB – this is my absolute favorite exfoliating scrub. The grit is SUPER fine which I love. When using a scrub, make sure you use a very light touch. Remember, when you’re in need of a good exfoliation, it’s better to scrub very lightly for longer instead of scrubbing with more pressure.

MOROCCAN OIL – this is a clean, organic alternative to many conventional oils on the market. I use on my face as the last step of my nighttime routine (after moisturizer). I also put on the ends of my hair, feet, and cuticles or anywhere else that needs extra moisture!