Non-Toxic Produce Wash

If you follow me on InstaStories (@lo_chandler) you’ve seen my weekly non-toxic produce wash in action!  I started washing my produce with this method about 3 years ago when I got Salmonella poisoning.  To my surprise, they told me it was likely caused by unwashed produce!!  Have you ever thought about how many hands touch your apple before you picked it up at the grocery store?  How many different trucks it traveled on?  Or if someone touched all the raw chicken and then came over and picked up your apple? #ewww

Non Toxic Produce Wash

I wanted to find a way to thoroughly clean my produce but didn’t like the harsh ingredients in the packaged produce washes I found.  I set out to make my own non-toxic produce wash and have been using it ever since!  This combination will help wash away pesticides, wax, insects, mold, herbicides, fungus, and dirt!

Here’s how it’s done :

Non Toxic Produce Wash

For a full grocery haul :

Mix all ingredients in sink
– 1 cup vinegar
– 2-3 tbsps baking soda
– fill sink with enough water to cover produce
– soak for 15 minutes, turning produce a few times throughout
-rinse and lay flat on counter to dry


For a few items:

Mix ingredients in bowl
– 1/4 cup vinegar
– 1 tbsp baking soda
– fill bowl halfway with water
– soak for 15 minutes, turning produce a few times throughout
-rinse and lay flat on counter to dry


  • I clean my sink first with either my Branch Basics cleaner, or a combination of vinegar, baking soda, and super hot water.
  • I soak everything with a “thick” skin (bell peppers, bananas) for a full 15 minutes
  • For “thin” skinned items like strawberries I will only leave in for 5 minutes
  • Only wash berries within 24 hours of when you plan to eat them, they will not keep for long once they have been cleaned
  • Lay flat on a paper towel and allow to dry completely before storing, as it will grow bacteria if stored wet
Non Toxic Produce Wash

Thanks so much for reading!! Tag me on instagram if you try it, @lo_chandler !!

xoxo- Lo