Amazon Prime Day 2019

Happy Prime Day(s)!  Amazon Prime Day is July 15th and 16th this year.  Below is a roundup of my top 10 picks!  Just a reminder you do have to be a prime member and logged in to see the sale prices, but  you can sign up for free for 30 day trial and that still counts!  


  1. Firestick- Number one on the list and number one in my heart, we have a firestick for each TV in our house!  I literally don’t remember how we watched television before this.  There are two available on prime, Trey says you want the one that says 4k, couldn’t tell you why but apparently it’s better!  
  2. Macbook Air–  If it’s time to update your laptop, this one is a great option.  I’m actually getting this exact one bc my current laptop is basically #vintage at this point.
  3. Yeti- I gave Trey this exact cooler for Christmas last year. It’s perfect for the beach bc it’s so much lighter than a hard cooler and easy to cary with the strap. It legit keeps your ice frozen for two days.
  4. Kitchen Aid – No kitchen is complete without one, I love the azure blue color!
  5. Air Fryer – This is the first item we put in our cart this year!  We’ve been eyeing this air fryer for a few months and have heard great things.
  6. Nest – We purchased a few Nest Cameras when we moved into our house last year.  We did a good bit of research between the Nest vs. the Ring and ultimately decided the Nest had better reviews for what we were wanting.  I love that you can see a live feed any time and also talk through the camera via your app.  Trey has been traveling more for work so I like the extra sense of security the cameras provide when he’s gone.  
  7. Adidas – My favorite sneakers are on sale here. They are seriously the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn & I love that they can slip on and off without untying them! They come in 24 different colors (there are a few different prices that vary by color).
  8. Roomba – With two dogs, a Roomba vacuum is an absolute must.  We had the Roomba brand when we first got married and it lasted almost 4 glorious years before it died.  I tried to cut corners and go with a cheaper knock off brand this past year and it does NOT work the same (shorter battery life, gets stuck all the time, only goes to certain spots, etc).  I’m ALL about a good dupe and not paying money just for a name..but trust me, it’s worth it to buy the real deal.  
  9. Bar Stools – One of the last purchases we have to make for our new kitchen is bar stools! I liked these nailhead grey/white ones and these modern lucite casper ones.
  10. Nespresso – I’ve been dying for this Nespresso machine ever since I stayed with a friend who had one a few months ago.  Everyone I know who has this loves it! 

What else are you shopping for this year?  Have you tried any of these products?  I would love to hear from you in the comments below or on Instagram @lo_chandler 🙂